Tips for Bootcut Jeans

Tips For Choosing A Belt To Go With Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are a fashion must for ever woman. Unlike tapered or skinny jeans, bootcut jeans have a small flare at the bottom. This small flare at the bottom has a slimming effect on everyone who wears them.

How the bootcut jeans are accessorized can make the difference between the wearer appearing out of step with fashion or appearing fashion-forward. A trendy, fashionable accessory, such as a belt, can make bootcut jeans appear fashionable and chic.

Belts That Work Well With Bootcut Jeans:

Belts that make a “pop” such as trendy scarves, embossed leather, or chunky Lucite, work well with bootcut jeans by drawing the eye evenly from the bottom of the jeans to the waist. This achieves balance between the waist and the foot. Belts which grab the eye, such as the new jewelry belts, look exceptional when paired with bootcut jeans. These jewelry belts are embellished with flowers, leaves, and drops of dew, which makes them appear more like works of art, rather than simple belts. When paired with bootcut jeans and fashionable shoes, the resulting look can take anyone from day to evening.

Matching Belts To Shoes:

Matching the belt to the shoe is important. A wide, chunky belt works better when paired with a shoe bearing a chunky heel or a wedge. A smaller, slim belt is the perfect accessory to bootcut jeans and an elegant flat. The matching of patterns is also important. While animals prints are in this year, matching a leopard print shoe to a zebra print belt is a fashion no-no. When used as a belt, colorful print scarves can work with any type of shoe. This trend also is an excellent complement to bootcut jeans.

The Versatility Of Bootcut Jeans And Belts:

Bootcut jeans are a must-have for this season. In addition to being flattering to a woman’s body, when paired with a great belt and top, bootcut jeans can create a stylish look. Consider pairing them with high-heeled pumps, a chunky, embossed belt, and a white shirt for a classic look. For a hipper, edgier look, pair them with a wide black belt, embellished with metallic studs, and a print-screen t-shirt.

By balancing the belt and the flare of the jeans’ leg, and by picking a trendy and chic belt that complements the jeans and the shoes worn, bootcut jeans can appear as if they just stepped off the runway.

Also you can use pretty accessories with bootcut jeans such as silk scarf.

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