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Bootcut jeans are the ‘in’ thing this season, because of the comfort and style they provide. Therefore, if you are going to go shopping for the newest pair of bootcut jeans in the market, don’t be confused, here are some pointers to help you out. It will be easier for you if you know the different kinds of jeans available in the market. If you are planning your winter wardrobe, then you must have a couple of pairs of those bootcut jeans, because they will help you to look fashionable and stylish. Although these kinds of jeans went out of fashion some time ago they are now back with a vengeance. Now you can see them displayed at every store in town.



What Exactly Are Bootcut Jeans?

Boot jeans are tailored in such a way that they flare out at the bottom and cover your boots completely. At a glance, older people might think they look like bellbottoms. However, they do not look like bellbottoms, but nobody can deny the uncanny resemblance. They are designed in such a way that they taper at the knees and become broad once they reach the ankles. It was in the 1980s that the bootcut jeans first came in to existence and they were actually meant as a welcome change against bell-bottoms.

Wearing these jeans will make a woman look slimmer than ever, so they are greatly preferred, especially by those who tend to lean towards the heavier side. If your legs are too thin, then wearing a pair of bootcut jeans will be a nice way to bring out your curves. The length of your bootcut jeans is very important because they really do have to go over your boots. Wearing bootcut jeans, which are a couple of inches longer is also a look these, but remember to check your hip and waist measurements before going ahead with the purchase. It’s true that there are many hundreds of varieties of jeans out there and rifling through the whole batch could be quite time consuming. However, once you know what you have in mind and exactly what you want, then the job is half done. Since these bootcut jeans are a refreshing change to other varieties of jeans, you must have a pair in your wardrobe.

The Purpose Behind The Evolution Of Bootcut Jeans

The first bootcut jeans were worn by American sailors and people who were involved in other menial jobs, they could work freely without worrying about their dress being torn, damaged or getting in their way; then came the bell-bottom revolution, which later gave way to bootcut jeans. Years rolled by and it became the era of tapered and skintight varieties of jeans. The bell-bottoms came by for another flying visit only to replaced by the boot cut.

Men’s And Women’s Bootcut Jeans

Both men and women like these bootcut jeans because they look very stylish and are easy to wear. They are something that you can pull on when you are in a hurry. They have become so standard and ‘comfy’ that they are accepted in most laid back offices and companies. There is however, a small difference between men’s and women’s bootcut jeans. Men’s bootcut jeans only have a slight flare down at the bottom, because they are altogether huge in size. Women’s jeans on the other hand are slimmer and taper down to the knees and flare out more at the bottom.

Buying Bootcut Jeans

There are so many online stores that display the newest trends in bootcut jeans. However, the only difficulty is that you will not be able to try them on for size. You can send in your measurements and there will be an e-consultant present online who will guide you through your purchase. Some sites offer you a photograph of how you will most likely look when you wear your jeans, so be sure you send in the correct measurements. Nothing can beat the feel of a new pair of perfect fitting jeans!

Difference Between Bootcuts And Straight Legs

Other than for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays (wink wink), bootcut jeans, and straight leg jeans are often used as “props” to enhance an individual’s personality. The greatest advantage one will have for owning a pair of bootcut jeans and straight leg jeans is the ability to wear them in more than one way.

Down And Up

Bootcut jeans have been designed to be worn as either hip-huggers or high waist jeans. Bootcut jeans hug the lower half of the body, accentuating the thighs and backside. They are similar to bellbottoms in that they taper around the knee, and slightly flair at the ankles. The only difference is bootcut jeans are wide enough to cover a boot or shoe. Bootcut jeans flare out subtly at the ends while the front hem covers the shoe.

Because of the way bootcut jeans have been made, they can camouflage curvier hips, giving the illusion of slimmer hips. Bottom line, bootcut jeans tend to be the most appealing on voluptuous figures.

Denims And Petites

Straight leg jeans, on the other hand, are a little shorter than bootcut jeans. They do not cover the shoes like bootcuts and they stop a few inches below the ankle. Straight legs can, however be worn high on the waist and as low rise. They are not form fitting and they don’t taper around the knee. Straight leg jeans essentially go over the legs without changing the form below the knee. Overall, straight leg jeans are more appropriate for those who are smaller in stature.

Shoes, Bootcuts, And Straight legs

The vast majority typically deem bootcut jeans as more “ideal” for formal occasions. As a result, clunky shoes like high heels for example, are thought of as more appropriate for the overall look when worn with bootcut jeans verses straight legs.

On the flipside, people view straight leg jeans as “fun jeans”, meaning, they are preferred for fun occasions as opposed to formal. One might even choose to accommodate the jeans with a tennis shoes.

Though of as “a better fit” for those who are smaller in stature, straight leg jeans are not exclusively for petite women, likewise bootcut jeans are not limited to those with curvier frames. Regardless of popular belief, bootcut jeans and straight leg jeans can both be dressed up and dressed down. In the end, what a person finally decides to wear solely depends on their own body type, preference (how comfortable they feel in the jeans), and their reason for wearing the jeans.


Do Bootcut Jeans Really Flatter Curvy Women?

The Challenge:

  • Small waist with large hips
  • In order to fit the hips, the waistline on the jeans is always too big
  • Jeans made for curvy women still don’t fit right
  • Articles on fashion advise curvy women to wear bootcut jeans, but often those that fit best have straight legs or large flairs

The Solution:

Bootcut jeans are the most suitable style for women with this figure type; however, it is advisable to seek jeans with a more slender boot cut instead a larger flair. To avoid the “Coke bottle” effect, also make sure the jeans aren’t skin-tight at the knees, but rather that their shape fits slightly loose from the widest part of the hips all the way down to the leg hem. The very nature of bootcut jeans will automatically give a nice shape to your legs, accenting the narrowest part at the knees without having to hug them.

Curvy women should stay away from tapered styles, as this tends to accent your widest features – the hips and thighs. You may want to experiment with straight cut or skinny jeans, but only if tucked into a nice pair of knee-high boots. The reason this often works with curvy women is the continuous line created from the knee to the toe, but if these jeans are worn with shoes, the effect is disastrous due to the break at the ankles.

It is more difficult to address a small waist for curvy women. Remember, if you find jeans that fit your hips, thighs, and legs well, think outside the box. Consider buying them and having them tailored to fit your waist. The result of tailoring will far outweigh the cost. You’ll look and feel great in your new bootcut jeans!




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